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Half Truth Movement – The Dangers of the 9/11 ‘Truth’ Cult


Paul Stott, 'Half Truth Movement: How The 9/11 Cult Falsifies History'

Larry O'Hara 'The 9/11 Cult: Definitions, Origins and Response'

Panel Report

The ‘Half Truth’ Movement: 9/11

Two papers were written for our talks, the plan being to repeat Thursdays talks on Saturday morning. This was tweaked slightly when traffic problems meant Larry missed most of the first session! Topics eventually covered by Larry O'Hara included why we see the 9/11 'truth' movement as a cult, its obsession with the Internet and why we feel academics and Anarchists should counter it. Paul Stott covered the rise of 9/11 conspiracy theories in the Muslim world, the truth movement's anti-Semitism, and offshoots such as 7/7 'truth'. Questions from the floor covered issues around the scale of terrorism, the affiliations of anti-Jihadist websites, the rise of Islam in Britain and how Anarchists should respond to it. Encouragingly on the first day a Loughborough PhD student who was not an Anarchist popped in and joined in the discussion - something that could be encouraged. Threatened disruption from 'truth' activists failed to materialize.